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What will it take to end cancer?

An exciting new series that looks into what experts say it will take to end cancer launches today on the blogging platform

The six-article series by ACS journalists​​ includes interviews with some of the top scientists in cancer research, who share what they think needs to happen to end cancer as we know it.  

The series covers the major areas of cancer research, including treatment, technology, and prevention, and describes what the end of cancer might look like.

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death. In 2012, it claimed 8.2 million lives around the world. While experts agree that completely eliminating all forms of the disease is likely not possible, they do believe cancer deaths can one day be a tragic memory. 

How do we get there? We know, of course, we must continue to invest in the crucial paths of prevention, treatment, technology, and basic science, like epigenetics. Breakthroughs there will have a staggering impact, slowly but surely.

Over the next week, we will be promoting the story through social media and We encourage you to read the story and share it with others.

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