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Listen to President Obama's shout out to the American Cancer Society

During the Oct. 17 White House press conference announcing the completion of the Cancer Moonshot Task Force's final report, President Obama mentioned the Society by name. Our 80% by 2018 colorectal cancer screening initiative also got a mention in the report itself!

Watch this C-Span video to listen to the President's remarks. Fast forward to 50 seconds in to hear his comment about ACS.

​The report referred to 80% by 2018 as the driving initiative that is shaping state and local efforts to increase colorectal cancer screening. The task force plans to sxpand colorectal cancer screening efforts in the U.S. and remove barriers that limit access to colorectal cancer screening.​

The President said: "By invoking this idea of a moonshot, what I hoped to be able to galvanize the country around was the same sense of urgency and an all-heads-on-deck approach where everybody pulled together -- commercial drug companies, government agencies, philanthropies, organizations like the American Cancer Society, patient organizations, all to look at where, if we really put our shoulder behind the wheel, we can make the biggest impact as quickly as possible."

Our CEO Gary Reedy attended Vice President's Biden press conference earlier in the day, and that night attended an event at the Vice President's home.

Read more about the Cancer Moonshot, and follow Gary on Twitter,​​ where he posted a link to the C-Span video.

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